Before launching Accessible Tutors, I tutored in Montclair for two years.  I enjoyed the job—the teaching was rewarding and I was helping kids succeed.  However, this good feeling was incomplete: for every student I could work with, there was another student struggling without help.

My first step in looking at inequity in tutoring was to look at the free programs in Montclair.  I found IMANI, an organization specializing in academic opportunity for minority students, and Succeed2gether, a free tutoring program for low income families. I also saw programs that relied on a depleted supply of volunteer high school tutors.  I didn’t see a program that, while maintaining accessibility, built commitment between students and tutors, provided paid one-on-one help, and had a no-questions asked registration process.

Pay-what-you-can ensures seriousness, focus, punctuality, and attendance in the tutor and student because both parties have a monetary interest in the session.  Offering highly competitive wages of $20 per session makes our sessions a viable alternative to private tutoring.  This is all achieved while ensuring access through pay-what-you-can.


 –Owen Kaplan, Accessible Tutors Founder and Project Manager