A non-profit tutoring organization.

Equality In Opportunity

A non-profit tutoring organization

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Montclair is a robustly diverse town: we boast racial diversity well above the national average, a large range of socioeconomic conditions, and equal opportunity for all of the residents of our great town.  We all benefit from this extraordinary diversity; however, to ensure equal opportunity for all, more can be done.  As students move from kindergarten through high school, diversity in the classroom diminishes.  This achievement gap starts early; after-school help, tutors, and unequal knowledge of the inner workings of the school system push students with greater available resources into higher level classes, and the gap widens.

At Accessible Tutors our mission is to combat the achievement gap at a pivotal time in a student’s life: middle school.  We believe that making high quality tutoring available for all, regardless of ability to pay, is a great way to approach the achievement gap.  Accessible Tutors works on a pay-what-you-can pricing model, making the same great tutoring equally available.  Furthermore, tutors are need-blind.  Our tutors are paid the same flat rate regardless of what the person they are working with paid.

At Accessible Tutors, we pair high achieving high schoolers with middle schoolers for after-school tutoring.  Tutors serve as role models, teachers, and guides for students’ academic careers.  By enrolling your child in our program, you are putting your child (and possibly another child) on the road to success.

Accessible Tutors is a program of HackNCraftNJ, an existing nonprofit in town.